Burlesque Bullet Bra


Our burlesque bullet bra is our homage to the classic bras of the '50s, originally made famous by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page et al and more recently, Madonna (not to mention our sisters in lingerie, What Katie Did and Secrets in Lace). 

Made in black satin and mesh with a hot pink ribbon embellishment, which forms a bow between the two cups, the bullet-effect is softer than the ones from the '50s, meaning you can wear it with a polo neck (or however) in confidence that you're not going to put anyone's eye out. 

The bullet bra featured in all our This Is Burlexe burlesque shows in Spring/Summer 2016 and were worn by hostesses Kele le Roc (pictured below) and Amber Topaz as well as burlesque performers Peggy De Lune and Emma Fisher. 

It was designed exclusively for the show by Nearer The Moon, purveyors of tastefully erotic and handmade luxury women's lingerie and is handmade in the UK. 

From 32A to 38C (though please make contact with us if you fall outside of that range), the bra is made to order and will take 2-3 weeks to make. 

The bra should be hand washed in a light detergent and left flat to dry. 

Check out the inspiration for the looks on our Pinterest board

Visit Nearer The Moon to see Burlexe products up close every Saturday and Sunday at Rinse Showrooms, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL. 

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